Community Events at Palmdale Regional Medical Center

Learn more about some of the events at Palmdale Regional Medical Center:

Las Vegas Survivor Support Group

A safe, open space for survivors of Las Vegas shooting and their families to share their experience and enhance coping skills for dealing with the trauma. The meeting has a non-judgmental and supportive environment that fosters self-empowerment and emotional healing.

For more information and to RSVP, please contact Jody Pienta at 661-382-5709 or

Date: January 10, January 24, February 7, February 21
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Location: Sagebrush and Yucca Conference Rooms

Kidney Health Classes

Learn how to manage your kidney health in a no-cost Kidney Smart® class where certified kidney care educators will help you learn how to create an action plan to manage your health, educate you on what causes kidney disease, provide you with resources that can help you manage your diet, and much more! The meetings are on the first Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. in the Palmdale Regional Joint & Spine Ortho Conference Room located on the ground floor. For more information, call 661-540-0925.

Blood Drives

Give the gift of life at the next blood drive! The blood drives are held on a semi-regular basis in the Yucca / Sagebrush conference rooms located just off of the main lobby inside the north-facing main entrance to the hospital. Please check the event calendar for upcoming blood drive dates. Please call 661-382-6601 or email to make an appointment. You may also go to to find information on all of the blood drives in the area.

Mended Hearts, Inc.

The Mended Hearts, Inc. program is a community-based, nationwide heart patient support group founded in 1951. More than 18,000 members operate through 300 chapters across the U.S. Recognized for its role in facilitating a positive patient-care experience, Mended Hearts partners with 450 hospitals and cardiac rehabilitation clinics offering heart patient support through visiting programs, group meetings, and education forums. Its mission is “Inspiring hope and improving the quality of life for heart patients and their families through ongoing peer-to-peer support.”

Mended Hearts' work is done by volunteers, including former heart patients, family members, or caregivers of heart patients. Endorsed by the American College of Cardiology, Mended Hearts trains and accredits volunteers to offer support and encouragement to heart disease patients and caregivers. Many of these volunteers are heart disease patients themselves, and many more are caregivers, friends and family. They can relate to what other patients are experiencing and can help with words of encouragement and answer non-medical questions.

The local Mended Hearts chapter in the Antelope Valley is Chapter 112, chartered in 1980, as one of 250 Mended Heart Chapters in the United States. If you or a loved one need help as you experience heart disease, or if you are just interested in attending a chapter meeting, please contact Jack Hannum at 661-942-5547.