A Successful Weight-Loss Journey

Alfonso Magana lost 224 pounds after having weight-loss surgery at Palmdale Regional Medical Center in October 2015. He shares his story:

"The decision to have my weight-loss surgery happened when I came close to losing my life. I remember I was going through a bout of cellulitis, which was normal for me. I would usually have it in my right leg and it would take a few weeks of antibiotics to help it go away. This time was a little different. When I went to the hospital for treatment, I was short of breath with chest pains. I was on the verge of a heart attack, but luckily the nurses and staff acted quickly and prevented it. Lying in my bed, I had time to reflect. I broke down in front of my mom. I have two beautiful daughters in my life. The thought of leaving them because I couldn’t bring myself to exercise or eat better was both heartbreaking and eye opening to me. It was that day I finally made the decision to pursue weight-loss surgery.

Patient Story: Alfonso Magana

I was required to go through a nine-week class to learn about the surgery process. I was also required to lose 10 percent of my weight before surgery, which was about 50 pounds. I absorbed everything I could from the classes, which I feel to this day has been the best thing I could have done. I joined a gym and started going regularly, including taking boxing cardio classes. At the end of my class, I had lost the 50 pounds required and was approved to consult Dr. Yadegar for surgery. From the first-time meeting Dr. Yadegar, I was comfortable with him. He explained the process in depth for each surgery choice. I chose to do the sleeve. My surgery date was October, 5 2015. I weighed in at exactly 450 pounds that morning. The recovery process wasn’t too bad. When I went home, I felt great. I had already lost a little weight.

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After going home and making it through the recovery process, I made it a point to follow my diet and vitamin schedule rigorously. I was a happy guy to be able to start eating solid foods again. I started to get to work with exercising regularly again as well. My focus was weightlifting with some cardio included. I made it a habit to go six days a week.

I am almost four years out from my surgery date and I am leveled off at a weight of 288 pounds. That’s a loss of 224 pounds. I am so proud of myself and hearing the praise from friends and family helps keep me motivated. The gym has become my new obsession and therapy instead of eating. I’m not going to lie, it has been a challenge to control and limit what I eat each day. Counting calories is never fun and I do struggle, but I do it all the same. This is the life I chose. I will never return to the unhappy depressed man I once was. I am finally comfortable and happy with the person I am and strive to better myself each and every day for me, my daughters and my family and friends.

For anyone thinking of trying the weight-loss surgery, if you’re willing to put the work in, it will save your life. It is like they say, it is not a cure or miracle pill, merely a tool to help you succeed should you put forth the effort. Trust me, you won’t be sorry. To close this little bit about my journey, I want to thank Dr. Yadegar and his staff for all they have done for me. Without them, I might not be here today."

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