Regaining independence through inpatient rehab

October 11, 2017
Regaining independence through inpatient rehab
Thomas S. Nasser, DO, FAAPMR

Recovering from conditions like stroke, spinal cord injuries, brain trauma and other serious injuries and orthopedic issues can be challenging. Here, Thomas S. Nasser, DO, FAAPMR, Medical Director of the Rehabilitation Institute at Palmdale Regional Medical Center, explains how inpatient rehabilitation can help.


Q: What happens in inpatient rehab?

Inpatient rehab entails a minimum of three hours of intensive multidisciplinary therapy per day each week. Patients get up and get dressed every day, and they have meals in a shared dining room with other patients. It’s for patients who have serious conditions that require medical supervision. The primary goal is to help prepare for a transition to home.

Q: Could I be a candidate?

In determining eligibility, we think about what patients can do functionally. Do they have a qualifying diagnosis? Have they been identified by a physician as being able to tolerate and benefit from intensive therapy? Do they have a solid support system? Really, inpatient therapy can help many different people who have trouble caring for themselves and being independent.

Q: How can the staff help me regain my independence?

Our staff members understand what patients need to accomplish so they can be successful when they leave inpatient rehabilitation. We talk with family members about things like housing and the challenges patients may face at home. Are there steps going into the house? Is the bedroom on the first or second floor? What kind of car does the patient drive?

Q: What distinguishes care at the Rehabilitation Institute at Palmdale Regional?

We are a hospital within a hospital. In the event a patient’s condition worsens, medical providers are available 24/7 to provide specialized care. When patients step into a place that is so positive and encouraging, we show them that they can get stronger. The passion of our staff is the secret ingredient that gets people going.