Four Keys to a Heart-Healthy Holiday Season

November 28, 2022

Woman and man making healthy mealDuring the holidays, we often find ourselves outside of our normal routines. With parties, holiday feasts and busy schedules, it can be a challenge to stick to heart-healthy habits. Palmdale Regional Medical Center offers the following advice on enjoying the holidays while being heart smart.

Eat Healthy

Keeping your weight in control is crucial for your heart. You can put your heart at risk by over-consuming sodium and saturated fats. Holiday food and treats can still be enjoyed in moderation while piling your plate with heart-healthy fruits and vegetables.

Stay Active

Physical activity gets your heart pumping, helps keep your weight in check and can decrease stress. If it’s cold outside, consider a brisk walk around the mall. The holidays are a great time to enjoy activities like hiking, biking or even dancing with family and friends.

Manage Holiday Stress

Stress can cause your blood pressure to rise. Make sure to get seven to nine hours of quality sleep. If your calendar is packed, lighten the load by deciding which activities and events you could skip. You can also consider breathing exercises or yoga for stress relief.

Limit Alcohol Intake During the Holidays

Excessive drinking can raise your blood pressure and binge drinking could lead to an irregular heartbeat, or atrial fibrillation (AFib). All of that could lead to a heart attack. Moderation is key. Women should limit themselves to one drink per day and men should stop at two.

Remember, in a medical emergency (such as chest pain), call 911 or get to your nearest emergency room.